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Located in the rapidly developing northern part of Bucharest, The Ivy features 800 units, spread out over 10 buildings with a P + 6 height regime. This brand-new complex covers over 5 hectares of land and includes many facilities which complement contemporary modern living.

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In their unique green setting, The Ivy’s apartments are a welcoming environment for a great variety of residents. With a wide range of 2-room, 3-room or 4-room apartments, you are sure to find the perfect space for you

Find here a selection of our offer. Want to find out more? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Most apartments face east or west, and many of them benefit from double exposure. This guarantees a maximum amount of daylight and adds to the light and airy feel of the flats.

The Ivy’s standout apartments and unique look are sure to make you feel at home in no time.

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N 1C0.03 1B0.02 1B0.03 1A0.02 1A0.03 1D0.03 1D0.02 1C0.01 1C0.05 1C0.04 1B0.01 1B0.06 1B0.04 1A0.01 1A0.04 1D0.04 1D0.05 1A0.05 1C0.06 1B0.05 1D0.06 1A0.06 1D0.01 1C0.02

Building 1 -Ground floor

N 1D1.07 1D1.08 1D1.09 1D1.11 1D1.12 1D1.10 1C1.07 1C1.08 1C1.09 1C1.10 1C1.11 1C1.12 1B1.07 1B1.08 1B1.12 1B1.09 1B1.11 1B1.10 1A1.07 1A1.12 1A1.08 1A1.09 1A1.10 1A1.11

Building 1 -Floor 1

N 1C2.14 1C2.15 1B2.14 1B2.15 1A2.14 1A2.15 1D2.15 1D2.14 1C2.13 1C2.17 1C2.16 1B2.13 1B2.18 1B2.16 1A2.13 1A2.16 1D2.16 1D2.17 1A2.17 1C2.18 1B2.17 1A2.18 1D2.13 1D2.18

Building 1 -Floor 2

N 1A3.23 1A3.21 1A3.20 1A3.24 1A3.19 1B3.22 1B3.23 1B3.21 1B3.24 1B3.20 1B3.19 1C3.24 1C3.23 1C3.22 1C3.21 1C3.20 1C3.19 1D3.22 1D3.24 1D3.23 1D3.21 1D3.20 1D3.19 1A3.22

Building 1 -Floor 3

N 1C4.25 1C4.26 1C4.27 1C4.29 1C4.28 1D4.28 1D4.26 1D4.27 1D4.29 1D4.25 1C4.30 1D4.30 1B4.25 1B4.26 1B4.27 1B4.30 1B4.28 1A4.25 1A4.26 1A4.27 1A4.30 1A4.28 1A4.29 1B4.29

Building 1 -Floor 4

N 1C5.31 1C5.32 1C5.33 1C5.35 1C5.34 1D5.34 1D5.32 1D5.33 1D5.35 1D5.31 1C5.36 1D5.36 1B5.32 1B5.33 1B5.36 1B5.34 1A5.31 1A5.32 1A5.33 1A5.36 1A5.34 1A5.35 1B5.35 1B5.31

Building 1 -Floor 5

N 1D6.38 1D6.37 1A6.37 1A6.38 1C6.38 1B6.37 1B6.38 1C6.37

Building 1 -Floor 6

Building 2 -Ground floor

Building 2 -Floor 1

Building 2 -Floor 2

Building 2 -Floor 3

Building 2 -Floor 4

Building 2 -Floor 5

Building 2 -Floor 6

5A0.01 5A0.02 5A0.03 5A0.04 5A0.05 5A0.06 5A0.07 5A0.08 5A0.09 5A0.10 5B0.01 5B0.02 5B0.03 5B0.04 5B0.05 5B0.06 5B0.07 5B0.08 5B0.09 5B0.10

Building 5 -Ground floor

5A1.11 5A1.12 5A1.13 5A1.14 5A1.15 5A1.16 5A1.17 5A1.18 5A1.19 5A1.20 5B1.11 5B1.12 5B1.13 5B1.14 5B1.15 5B1.16 5B1.17 5B1.18 5B1.19 5B1.20

Building 5 -Floor 1

5A2.21 5A2.22 5A2.23 5A2.24 5A2.25 5A2.26 5A2.27 5A2.28 5A2.29 5A2.30 5B2.21 5B2.22 5B2.23 5B2.24 5B2.25 5B2.26 5B2.27 5B2.28 5B2.29 5B2.30

Building 5 -Floor 2

5A3.31 5A3.32 5A3.33 5A3.34 5A3.35 5A3.36 5A3.37 5A3.38 5A3.39 5A3.40 5B3.31 5B3.32 5B3.33 5B3.34 5B3.35 5B3.36 5B3.37 5B3.38 5B3.39 5B3.40

Building 5 -Floor 3

5A4.41 5A4.42 5A4.43 5A4.44 5A4.45 5A4.46 5A4.47 5A4.48 5A4.49 5A4.50 5B4.41 5B4.42 5B4.43 5B4.44 5B4.45 5B4.46 5B4.47 5B4.48 5B4.49 5B4.50

Building 5 -Floor 4

5A5.51 5A5.52 5A5.53 5A5.54 5A5.55 5A5.56 5A5.57 5A5.58 5A5.59 5A5.60 5B5.51 5B5.52 5B5.53 5B5.54 5B5.55 5B5.56 5B5.57 5B5.58 5B5.59 5B5.60

Building 5 -Floor 5

5A6.61 5A6.62 5A6.63 5A6.64 5B6.61 5B6.62 5B6.63 5B6.64

Building 5 -Floor 6

Overview Building 1
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6
Building 2
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6
Building 5
- Ground floor - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Floor 5 - Floor 6
Campaign period: 30.03.2024 – 30.04.2024



This promotional campaign „SPRING DISCOUNT”, („the Promotional Campaign” or „the Campaign”) is organized by WILLOW RESIDENTIAL S.R.L., Romanian legal person with the headquarters in 89A Bucuresti-Ploiesti Road, MIRO building, C2, 4th floor, District 1, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/472/16.01.2018, tax identification no. 38693869, fiscal attribute RO, represented by Mr. Didier Balcaen, as General Manager (“the Organizer” or “Willow”).

The Promotional Campaign is organized in accordance with the provisions of this regulation („the Regulation” or „the Official Regulation”) which is mandatory for all Participants.

The Official Regulation is drawn up and will be made public under the applicable law in Romania and it is available to any Applicant free of charge by being published on the website page of the Organizer, more specifically at Also, it can be sent to any Applicant on demand.

By participating to the Promotional Campaign, each Applicant declare that it will respect the terms and conditions of the present Official Regulation as described in its content.

The Campaign can be discontinued by the Organizer at any time during the campaign period, in the case of force majeure or of any amendments to the Regulation.

The Organizer reserves its right to amend the present Regulation and/or to modify the period of the Promotional Campaign and/or to suspend it at any given time during the Campaign period, as well as the right to end the Campaign before its term, subject to making such changes public through the web page with at least 24 hours before the amendments take effect.




The Promotional Campaign will take place on Romania’s territory during the period 30.03.2024 – 30.04.2024, respecting the conditions of the present Regulation. Registrations to the Promotional Campaign will start on 30.03.2024, at 00:00:00 and will stop on 30.04.2024, 23:59:59 (included). Any person that is using the services described below following the end date will not be taken into consideration for the purposes herein.




Any natural person over 18 years old, and any legal person with residence in Romania that accepts the terms and conditions of the present Regulation can participate to the Promotional Campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”).
With the desire of causing no prejudice to any client that wants to participate to the present Promotional Campaign, the Organizer reserves its right to perform checks with respect to compliance with the conditions of the present Regulation in what regards the participation to the Promotional Campaign.


During the Promotional Campaign period and under the conditions presented in the Regulation, the Organizer offers to the Participants that cumulatively meet the conditions detailed in the present Regulation a 10% discount of the net value of the apartment that each Participant wishes to purchase from the available stock of completed apartments in Building 2 (identified with cadastral number 282819-C1 and registered in the Land Book 282819 of Sector 1 of Bucharest and hereinafter referred to as "Building 2") part of “The Ivy” residential ensemble developed by the organizer and located in 15C Meteorologiei Alley, District 1 ,Bucharest .

The Participants to this Campaign acknowledge and expressly accept that participating to the Campaign is done voluntarily and that granting of the prizes hereunder will be done without drawing lots, exclusively to the Participants that cumulatively meet the conditions detailed in the present Regulation and according to the following steps:

  • visiting the Campaign page on the website, reading the present Regulation and accepting the conditions by ticking the box “I have read and I agree to the campaign regulation” by the Participant;
  • filling in the contact form in order to receive commercial communications and
  • signing a bilateral promissory sale agreement with the purpose of purchasing an apartment (and, if needed, other annexes) by the Participant and the Organizer, within a maximum of 10 (ten) days from the ending date of the Campaign.

Each Participant acknowledges and accepts that at the date of this Regulation the stock of apartments subject to the campaign includes a number of 4 (four) units, and this may vary depending on the contracts concluded during the campaign.



The Promotional Campaign can be suspended or ended before the term set in Section 2 of the present Regulation in case of force majeure if its continuation would violate the legal provision or in case the Organizer find itself in the impossibility of continuing the Promotional Campaign because of reasons beyond its control. In such case, the Organizer will inform the public through the website with at least 24 hours before the effective suspension/ending or, if this is not possible, at the date of the suspension/ending of the Promotional Campaign.



The Organiser will not be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Participants as a result of or in connection with the present Campaign.


Any disputes arising between the Organizer and the Participants in the Promotional Campaign will be solved amicably, or in case such will not be possible, disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts.


By participating to the Promotional Campaign, the Participants consent to the use of their personal data (surname, name, address, email, phone number) to be processed by the Organizer and their partners, with the purpose of the current Campaign’s deployment.

By participating to the present Campaign, the Participants confirm they are aware of the Official Regulation and consents to it, as well as to the use of their personal data, in compliance with the provisions of this agreement and the provisions of Law no. 677/2011, regarding the processing of personal data and free circulation of such data, with the purpose of the current Campaign’s deployment, as well as with statistical purposes.

The Organizer pledges to respect the rights of the Participants required by applicable law. The data provided will not be shared with third parties, with exception of the cases where the Organizes has to comply with the obligations imposed by law.

The participants to the Campaign, as data subjects, have, in accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament, applicable in Romania starting with May 25 2018, the following rights: the right to be informed about the data, access to data, rectifying the data, erasing the data, the right to restrict the processing of your personal data, withdrawing the consent to the processing of data, to oppose the processing of data, the right to data portability, the right to appeal to the competent court and to the supervisory authority in accordance with the legal provisions in force for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and to the free movement of such data.

For exercising these rights, the Participants will address to the Organizer at 89A Bucuresti-Ploiesti Road, MIRO building, C2, 4th floor, District 1, Bucharest, a written request, dated and signed or an email to [email protected].


Any amendment of the present Regulation is valid only with the condition of informing the public by publishing the amendments of the website.



By Didier Balcaen
General Manager

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